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                    Wingtech Technology CIIE Perfect Finish


                    On November 10th, the 4th China International Import Expo came to a close, and Wingtech Technology finished the exhibition perfectly.


                    On November 5, Nexperia, Wingtech Communications, Delta Technology, have appeared together at the 4th China International Import Expo. A large number of core technologies and latest products of semiconductor, imaging, and communication products were displayed, covering many fields such as automotive, industry (including 5G), smartphone, computer and consumer electronics. The group booth covers an area of 260 square meters, which is the largest booth in the integrated circuit area of this CIIE. Many leaders came to visit; Wu Qing, the member of Shanghai Municipal Standing Committee, deputy mayor of Shanghai; Zhu Zhisong, the member of Shanghai Municipal Standing Committee, secretary of Pudong district, secretary of Lingang New Area Management Committee and secretary of Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Area Management Committee; Gao Yun, secretary of Shanghai Huangpu district ; Jiang Dongdong, secretary of Shanghai Putuo district ; Zhao Jianjun, acting mayor in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province; Chen Yong, the secretary of Guangzhou Huangpu district.








                    As a mainstream supplier of automotive electronics, Nexperia has a wide range of gallium nitride and silicon carbide products on display, such as the new energy vehicle motor controller with 35 kW Gallium nitride (GaN) power module, the 50 kW power system inverter, 3 kW gallium nitride (GaN) DCDC car charger, the NXTTP4000W066 is a 4KW bridgeless totem pole PFC converter, first silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes.

                    ITEC, a semiconductor equipment company of Wingtech Technology, made its debut at the CIIE, attracting the attention of many visitors. ITEC has over 30 years of track record of providing disruptive manufacturing solutions to Philips Semiconductor NXP Nexperia and external parties. In 2021, ITEC became an independent company under Nexperia ITEC provides the highest productivity level of assembly test detection and intelligent manufacturing platform, supports the mass manufacturing of small signal devices to power MOS devices, and is committed to providing semiconductor RFID and Mini LED manufacturing equipment and systems.


                    Wingtech Communications, belonging to Wingtech Technology also on the scene to show the SiP module, Mini/Micro LED, server, automotive electronics field of the latest research and development results. Most of the exhibits can be interactive demonstrations on-site so that visitors can feel the latest achievements of Wingtech Technology in 5G, IoT, carbon neutrality, technological innovation, and other aspects.


                    As a leading imaging module manufacturer, Delta showed the expansion of Flip chip technology from mobile phone to automotive image and security technology, and how to achieve more stable performance, better anti-interference and smaller product size, to meet the product needs of specific customers. After joining Wingtech Technology, Delta entered a new stage of development.


                    In the fourth CIIE, Wingtech Technology has shown Wingtech Technology in the semiconductor, optical, communications products business sector how to through the global expansion, technology innovation, carbon-neutral strategy and use of gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC) and IGBT, etc. It promotes the development of standardized semiconductors in China and makes the world a better place.


                    Look ahead, Wingtech will take semiconductors as the lead, to enhance investment and innovation, enable components and system integration business, to comprehensively bolster the core competitiveness of the complete machine. “Stay owning products that others do not have.” Wingtech will set up the moat, which promotes the strategic transformation of Wingtech from the Professional Solution Company to the Great Product Company.