News of Wingtech

                    Splendid Debuting at the CIIE, A New Future for Delta


                    On November 8, the fourth day of the CIIE, Delta Technology, the imaging module company of Wingtech Technology, made an excellent appearance, which attracted the focus of the industry.


                    Delta Technology, a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology, is one of the mainstream suppliers towards global top brands. Delta utilizes Flip-chip, the industry-leading technique to value its components with more stability, stronger anti-interference, smaller size, which meet the stringent standards set by specific customer. Delta has an intelligent production platform, through the construction of high-standard dust-free workshop, precise automatic production line, the construction of intelligent production system, and the application of strict product quality management system, to ensure production and quality. The good rate of its imaging modules from FF to Dual Camera has reached the leading level in the industry. In the future, with the production of Zhuhai base, the capacity will be greatly increased.


                    At present, Delta Technology has a wide range of talents and has formed a first-class production and operation team and an industry-leading professional R&D team. The company's management team brings together talents who have rich industry experience in China, Japan and South Korea, with more than 400 R&D staff, and has obtained nearly 100 patents in total. With many years of professional experience, the company has created excellent competitive advantages. In the future, the technological innovation of high-end camera, dual camera and triple camera, it will extend to the fields of mobile phone, IoT, intelligent vehicles and so on, which will bring huge potential for Delta's growth.


                    In order to promote the relevant business of supplying cameras to specific overseas customers, Wingtech Technology actively discussed the resumption of work and production plan with specific overseas customers, and completed the equipment relocation and procurement, production site integration, R&D team expansion and production team formation. The operational assets purchased by Wingtech Technology from Jingrun, Jiangxi have completed equipment debugging, and the trial production line has been put into use and realized output. The output samples have been delivered according to customer requirements and are now in the verification stage.


                    At present, Wingtech Technology Delta has determined the mass production plan with specific overseas customers, and is actively preparing for mass production. At the same time, in order to timely respond to customers' demand for mass production, the production line will be put into use during the sample verification phase according to the plan negotiated with customers.


                    Dong Liming, deputy general manager of Zhuhai Delta:

                    “Delta Technology Guangzhou park has entered the key stage of reproduction. Under the leadership of the chairman, the whole company has worked hard day and night, making a basic contribution to the reproduction of the whole project. In terms of current market yield, efficiency and other aspects, it has met the basic requirements of our customers. In the next stage, we have built a solid foundation for the new park to undertake more projects. We also firmly believe that under the leadership of the chairman, we will achieve one victory after another and contribute to the brilliant future of Delta.”


                    Mao Qinghua, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Delta:

                    “After joining Wingtech Technology, the company set a clearer and long-term goal for the development of camera modules. In addition to continuing to cultivate specific customers, it also strengthened the research and development of new technologies of camera modules, brought a broader market for Delta's development, and gradually established Delta's technical moat, becoming a benchmark enterprise to lead the camera industry.”


                    Hideki Kazui, head of Kumamoto Delta:

                    “Our mission is to listen to the voice of the production scene and develop equipment that meets the needs. Through technical exchange and vertical organization with the Automation Research Institute of Wingtech Technology and ITEC of Nexperia, a horizontal environment for joint cooperation has been created, it has formed a win-win relationship in the automation business, so as to maximize its contribution to the operation site!”

                    After joining Wingtech Technology, Delta entered a new stage of development. We will work on D&R and product definition, to win the global leading position, to bring innovation and change for the industry and the world, to contribute to the transformation from service companies to a great optical products company, to lead the optics industry to a brighter future.