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                    Wingtech Technology GaN, SiC Products Shine in the CIIE


                    On November 6th, the second day of CIIE, a large number of GaN and SiC products became the focus of the audience.


                    Automotive electronics is a key service area of Nexperia. Each new car uses about 270 Nexperia products in different application areas, such as automotive and electric vehicle powertrains, automotive DC motor controls and on-board chargers. In the face of the rapid development of domestic electric vehicle market, as a reliable supplier of high-efficiency gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC), Nexperia exhibited a large number of gallium nitride and silicon carbide products during the 4th China International Import Expo. Including new energy vehicle motor controller using 35 kW Gallium nitride (GaN) power module, 50 kW power system inverter, 3 kW gallium nitride (GaN) DCDC car charger, 4 kW gallium nitride (GaN) bridgeless totem pole PFC, the first industrial grade 650V/10A silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diode.


                    The new energy vehicle motor controller with 35 kW Gallium nitride (GaN) power module is jointly developed by Shanghai Automotive Electric Drive Co., LTD and Nexperia Semiconductor (China) Co., LTD. It is the first gallium nitride (GaN) motor controller for new energy vehicles that meets mass production level in China. The controller has A peak efficiency of 99.34%, A maximum output power of 35kW, ultra-high power density and excellent NVH performance, covering the power range of AO/ A-class/small SUV EV.

                    Nexperia high power gallium nitride field effect transistor models GAN039-650NTBA, in line with the car CCPAK1212i level certification rules at the top of the radiating patch encapsulation, high reliability of cascade structure of gallium nitride technology, can improve the anti-interference ability, without negative voltage driver design.

                    The 50 kW power system inverter is an ev inverter based on Nexperia semiconductor gallium nitride technology. The input voltage is 355V-450V, the maximum output power is 50 kW, SVPWM modulation mode, up to 30kHZ operating frequency, achieving >98% efficiency.

                    Nexperia high power gallium nitride FET adopts H2 GaN041 wafer bare sheet, which enables the power system to achieve higher efficiency (>98%) at lower cost, optimize thermal performance and simplify switching topology. Significantly improve switching speed and conversion efficiency; Provide the power density required for electrification of the power system; Reduce the package size and weight of inverter; The same battery capacity can achieve greater range.


                    3 kW gallium nitride (GaN) DCDC car charger, using Nexperia Semiconductor gallium nitride (GaN) field effect tube scheme, input voltage range 250V~500V, efficiency up to 95%. Nexperia high efficiency products and advantages: TO-247 package gallium nitride field effect tube, model GAN063-650WSA, GANO41-650WSA; Reduce the number of power components, reduce the system cost, improve the reliability of the whole system, and provide the high efficiency and high power density required by high-end power supply.


                    The NXTTP4000W066 is a 4KW bridgeless totem pole PFC converter with input voltage ranging from 85VAC to 265VAC, 47HZ-63Hz.Operating frequency 66kHz, 120KHz or higher, output voltage 387 VDC+5 VDC.

                    Nexperia efficient products and advantages: Model GAN041-650WSB, T0-247 package; Reducing the number of power devices by 50% can reduce the cost of the system and improve the reliability of the whole system. Up to 99% system efficiency power supply with titanium gold; Reduces the need for expensive cooling systems and the associated operating costs in a confined environment.



                    Nexperia introduces leading silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes for ultra-high performance, low loss and efficient power conversion applications. The product features temperature-independent capacitor closing and zero recovery switching characteristics, as well as excellent quality factor(Qc×Vf), combined with PN Schottky diodes for improved robustness and tolerance to high IFsw. Nexperia plans to continue to expand its SiC diode portfolio with a total of 72 industrial and vehicle grade components operating in the 650V and 1200V voltages and 6-20 a current range.



                    As a mainstream supplier of automotive electronics, Nexperia will use gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC), IGBT and other new technologies to promote the development of standardized semiconductors in China and make the world a better place.

                    Nexperia has significantly expanded its production capacity through acquisitions and investments, and has significantly expanded its R&D activities worldwide." Our R&D and capacity investment initiatives will support us in achieving our ambitious strategic growth goals, enriching our core product portfolio and significantly increasing our share of the automotive electronics market," said Wing Zhang, chairman and CEO of Wingtech Technology and Chairman and CEO of Nexperia Semiconductor. Nexperia Semiconductor is committed to escort the Chinese automotive semiconductor industry and create a better future with customers.